Adult Play; How To Love Your Job

A lot of people love the work they do. They look forward to getting into the office every morning. Then there are those who look forward to getting into SOMEONE at the office every morning! Mixing business with pleasure takes on a whole new meaning in these situations. What boss doesn’t secretly want a sexy secretary who will bring him coffee and give him head under the desk while he drinks it? Or one who will type up the latest memo while sitting on his lap, bouncing on his cock? How about a trip out of town with a business partner with reservations at a hotel with an in-room Jacuzzi? Taking your conference call while she gets herself off on the bed in front of you? Finding time and the perfect setting to enjoy sex with your office squeeze is relatively easy, and it can be a lot of fun. Get creative. It can be a total turn-on just knowing there are so many people just outside the office door while you are slamming in and out of your secretary just a few feet away. All the more so if she’s holding back moans and screams as you rub her clit and slide in and out of her.

As the owner of a big company where you spend a lot of time, it wouldn’t be unusual at all to have a full bathroom with a shower in your office. This provides all kinds of delicious options for late nights or long lunches with your business partner, especially by keeping it stocked with lots of fun exotic oils and waterproof sex toys. A massage table in the office wouldn’t be unusual either, since the big boss needs the occasional stress relief. Relieve that stress by bending her over the table and massaging her with your hard cock in her ass. Do so just before a big meeting while you’re waiting for your colleagues to show up and knock on your office door. Let them think what they will when they see the two of you looking flushed and a bit out of breath. After all, isn’t that part of the excitement?

Want to have some real fun? Give your secretary a pair of panties with a vibrator built in that you control remotely. Tell her to wear them on a day when you have a lunch date with important clients. Sit across from her and as you increase the speed of the vibrator resting against her clit, watch her try to remain focused and professional! Then take her back to the office, bend her over your desk, and give her that much-deserved “bonus”!

It’s all a matter of creativity and enjoyment. With a little bit of imagination, you can turn your office into a sexy playground.

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