Dating a London escort is everything to me

Having a good woman by my side has always been the best thing that ever happened to me. it’s so good to find someone that will love and take care of you. Nothing in this world that could love me better than a London escort. London escort has truly the best of all woman that ever came to my life. it was with a London escort from that I finally found my joy. she is the only reason that I have everything that I ever wanted in my life. Ever since I met this girl I knew for sure that she is the only one for me. I knew that this girl made me happy and been the only one who never stop showing me happiness. Loving such woman has always been a great thing in my life. it was with her that I finally found what’s the meaning of love. Having her in my life has made me the happiest man in the world.


I have always been this shy type of man. Ive never thought that this lady would come to my life and help me out of my shell. I don’t know why but this girl is such extra ordinary. I went to London for some business affairs. This lady taught me a lot on my life..i stayed in London for five months and those months was the most happiest days of my life. I met this London escort during my birthday. my co-worker booked me a London escort without me knowing. that’s fine for me though since I am a single man and have nothing to worry about. at first glance I was really in love with her or shall I call it as love at first sight. the girl really capture my heart. In my mind I could not stop but stare this woman the whole time. she has this charisma that I could not resist. Loving such girl really makes sense to me. that time that i am with her it was full of fun. she has a sense of humour making it a lot of fun and also an intelligent woman in the other side. I never thought that it would be that easy for me to fall in love. but in the back of my head it was impossible for this young lady to have feelings in me too. I decided to spend a quality time with her even more. I booked her the following day and stroll around the city. I have lots of things I found out on her. Slowly I know what kind of person she is and why she choose this kind of job. I could not judge her any way since the job has help her struggling family a lot. A London escort makes me love my life. I started to court with her and date her a couple of times. this London escort has made a huge impact on me.

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