Help my date had a mini stroke

One of my dates at London escorts was always on to me about making our dates hotter. I don’t mind doing so at all, but this guy is not the healthiest guys. He wanted me to do this and that, and in the end I agreed as I did not want to lose him from my dating diary. I knew that if I did not do it, he would just go to one of my other friends at London escorts instead. Sometimes you do become concerned about the health of your dates, and I am especially concerned about the more senior ones.

Well, I started to spice our dates up a little at a time, but he just kept asking for more. In the end, I decided to go the whole hog, and we did have an amazing time. However, a couple of days later, I received a call from my gent explaining that he had a mini stroke. He did not blame me at all, but like I told my girlfriends at London escorts, I felt really guilty. After all, it is not right that you should date London escorts and experience a mini stroke.

I was really worried about the gent as he was one of my favorite dates at London escorts. He was never in a hurry, and he always arranged his dates over two hours instead of just one. In many ways, he was the perfect date that all London escorts would like to have. A couple of weeks went by, and I did not hear from him. One evening as I was living my boudoir, he stood outside the front entrance with a big bunch flowers, and asked me not to worry. He had been told by his doctor to take it easy, but he would be back.

A couple of weeks later, he did return to me at stunning escorts. Instead of asking me to turn up the heat, he asked me to take it easy instead. I thought that was much better, and we both really enjoyed out date. Two years later down the line, we still date at London escorts, but a lot of our dates are dinner dates. We have actually become really good friends and he is still one of my favorite dates at the best escorts.

He seems to be looking after himself a lot more, and that I think is exactly what he should be doing. When we went out on dinner dates, he always used to drink a bottle of wine. Now, he only drinks a glass, and always eat a healthy dish. I wish that all of my dates at London escorts were as healthy as he is, but I doubt that is going to happen. Looking after yourself is very important and good health does not have to be complicated at all. It has been an eye opener for me as well, and I know look after my own health a lot better. Exercise and a good healthy diet is on top of my agenda and I do feel better for it.

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