I have been working for Charlotte Escorts as a VIP escort for about three years now.

I am a rather petite girl, so dating as a petite escort is the only way for me. There are not many petite escorts here in London these days, so I am a very busy girl. Many gents still seem to have a real passion for petite girls, which is good for me. As petite girls are relatively short supple her in London, I can charge a bit extra for my services. The gents who date me seem to be more than happy to pay a bit different for a unique experience.

One gent that I date a lot says that his life would not be complete without petite escorts. He says that the time he spends with me can only be referred to as “magic moments,” and we have many serious adult fun together. Just like so many gents who like to date petite girls, he is seriously into role play. Fortunately for him and others, I enjoy a lot of role play, so I love it when the gents come and play with me. I put on one of my favorite outfits and dress up to have some fun.

My gents have some favorite games, but one of my favorite games is Naughty Sleeping Beauty. Would you like to know how to play naughty Sleeping Beauty? Well, I thought you might. If you would like to know how to play this game with me, you need to see me here at the agency. Like so many other petite escorts, I will not share all of my secrets with you straight away. I would love to, but then coming to see would not be so much exciting fun.

Mind you, if you don’t like playing games, there are many fun adult things that we can do together. Like other petite escorts, I have some exciting tricks up my sleeve. I want to show you may tricks as I think that you would enjoy them. You don’t need to worry, my tricks are perfectly safe, but I love to know what you think about them. I want to teach you some of my tricks to having some fun together with me. If you’re going to come and see, give me a call. The lifestyle in Charlotte Escorts is one of luxury at various levels. You can find your level of luxury, depending on your interests and time. One such is to enjoy a professional Charlton escorts service in which you are in the privileged company of a beautiful lady who can give you her 100% attention and company when you book her.

Once you get here, I will tell you lots more about the many fun adult things that we can do behind closed doors. I know that you have probably dated a lot of petite escorts, but I am somewhat unique. Some petite girls do not have as much experience as I do; neither do they like to be as naughty as I want to be. If you think that I am too naughty, I would be more than happy for you to tell me that I am a naughty girl. After all, I will tell you that you are a very naughty boy.

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