I have this thing about fantasies…

Let me tell you that I have got this thing about fantasies. So far all of the gents that I met through my work here at https://www.londonxcity.com/escorts London escorts, have had some sort of fantasy. The only thing is that most gents that I bump into, have not been able to make their fantasies come true. That most be very frustrating for them. But tonight is your lucky night. If you would like to take the opportunity, you will have a chance of making your fantasies come true.

Are you shy about sharing your fantasies? I am not saying it is true of all gentlemen, but many gentlemen that I have met during my time with London escorts, have sort of been shy about sharing their fantasies with the partners. Believe me, I am not that sort of partner, I always strive to be the perfect partner. So no matter what your fantasy is, I would like to help you make it come true tonight.

You need to be honest with me here. Do you have all of the tools at home to make your fantasy come true? If you don’t, I will make sue that I will bring with me what we will need. Is it a nice fantasy or a bad fantasy? I love bad and naughty fantasies as it means that I get a chance to play with all of the tools in my tool bag. Most London escorts carry some kind of tool bag. However, my tool bag is very special and you may be a little bit surprised when you see what comes out of it.

What should I wear for tonight’s date? If you check out my profile on the London escorts website, you will notice that I have a lot of different out firs. They are all special to me but there are some that I enjoy wearing more than others. For instance some girls don’t like to slip into PVC but there is nothing I like better than to slipping into a little bit of PVC. Before you know it, you will see how comfortable I am in PVC and how good I look.

What do you like wearing? Some of the gents that I meet at https://londonxcity.com/escorts of London escorts, have their own special outfits that they like to wear. Do you have your own outfit? You may not be able to get an outfit in time for our first date, but if you would like a new one for the next date, I am more than happy to give you some advice. And don’t forget your accessories, there are some accessories which are just simply essential when you go on a date with a girl like me. What they are, I will tell you when I get ready to leave you. After all, I want you to have something to do after our date is over, I cannot leave you to dream up another load of fantasies without me. That would not be fair.

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