Mayfair escorts eventually become London escorts

They are under the illusion that the more you play, the better you get. That is not true at all. I have been working as a London escort for the last two years, and I am just as good as many of the hot babes you will meet in Mayfair. I worked as a Mayfair girl for a while. The simple truth is that I enjoy my job here at this agency a lot more.


Why do so many Mayfair escorts from eventually leave and become London escorts? Simple, it is costly to work in the central London areas. You pay a fortune for your apartment, and getting around is expensive as well. Also, a lot of the elite agencies want a considerable cut or commission. You are to charge a lot of money for your services; otherwise, you cannot make ends meet. It is why you see a lot of the girls in central London leave. Many of them only stay for a short while at the agency.


The escorts in this part of London, Isle of Dogs, can be described as London escorts, but we are just as sexy as many other London escorts. The fact is that we date a lot of international business people. The Isle of Dogs is quickly becoming a bit of haven for foreign business people. We are also seeing a lot of people buy property out here. Most of the people who buy houses or apartments in this part of London are very rich. Single guys and business people enjoy their escorts services. I am certainly pleased that I am working here.


Since I left the central London agency that I used to work for, I have done well for myself. London escorts can earn a lot of money as we don’t pay that much for our boudoirs. When you charge lower rates, you will find that guys come and see you much more often, and like to enjoy your company for longer. There are many advantages to working as a London escort. I would rather be busier than having to stay around and wait for a date all day.


Next time you are looking for a hot and sexy date in London, check out London escorts. We do outcalls as well, so where ever you are in London. We can come and see you. There is no problem; we can jump into a cab and be in your hotel room or home very quickly. Why sit alone at home, arrange a date with London escorts, and you will be able to enjoy some serious adult fun. You can have just as much fun with us as you can with many of those fancy girls from Mayfair, I promise.

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