No More London Escorts

I cannot believe that I have moved on from London escorts. If it was not for meeting Steven, I would have happily still worked for London escorts, but he wanted me to leave the escort agency. After a little while when I came to trust Steven, I did leave the agency. But, I am not sure that I have done the right thing. Steven is a very nice guy, but I still miss the girls at the London escort service that I worked for like mad.

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The main fundamental problem is that Steven is not home, and that he is older than me. I did not used to think about it when I first met him at London escorts, but we are rather different. Sure, he loves to have fun in bed, but there are many other things that he likes to do as well. Most of new found friends are the wives of Steven’s friends. They are kind of posh and their idea of fun is totally different from mine.

One of the wives is this really sexy lady in her mid 40’s. I have always been turned on by more senior ladies, and Steven know that I used to work for escorts for couples, and do some duo dating as well for London escorts. In other words, he knows that there is a slightly different side to me. The only thing is that I am afraid of letting that side come out, but I would love to go to bed with this woman. We keep looking at each other and I think that we are thinking the same thing.

I do feel that my sex life has suffered a bit since leaving London escorts. Steven used to be a lot more hornier when we first moved in with each other. Now all of a sudden, he seems that he is really set in his ways and that feels weird. Over the last couple of months, it has been a lot like watching someone grow old very quickly. The other week, he even started to fall asleep in front of the TV, and that did nothing for me at all. As a matter of fact, he reminded me a lot of my dad when he was Steven’s age.

Steven is a really lovely guy, and one of the nicest guys that I had ever dated at London escorts. It is just that this sexy slightly older guy seems to be changing a lot. We used to go out a lot more when we first got together, but now we seem to spend more time at home. That is not really for me at all. I love to be out and about, and do things. When I worked for the escort agency, I was always out on dates or business functions all of the time. That is something that I really miss and I will admit to feeling a little bit lonely during the day when Steven is at work. Perhaps I could just sneak back and do some dating when he is at work. It would perhaps do us both some good.

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