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We are the hottest and most popular escorts in North London at the moment, says North London escorts from It’s hard to believe that the agency only started a couple of years back! When I joined, I thought it was going to be a slow startup, but it’s been anything but good business. A good deal of locals used to date in North London, and they understand to take advantage of this service. The beautiful thing is that a lot of them are what I call double partners; that means that they date us for a more extended period. Instead of just dating for one hour, they can give the service for a few more hours.


There are some advantages of dating longer, says North London escorts. First of all, you get to know the guy better, and that makes such a difference. When I used to work up in central North London, most dates were just for 45 minutes or an hour. Sometimes they seemed to maintain such a rush, and that wasn’t very pleasant. The guys took a shower, and it all went from there. Hardly any guys dated for a more extended period, or even overnight. We see a lot of longer dates.


The other thing that we see a lot more of is dinner dates. I rarely went to a dinner date in North London, but I do now as part of North London escorts. I have to say that I love them, and I have great pleasure. The thing is, I didn’t appreciate what a hectic business community North London had, but we certainly do. A whole lot of guys have established their businesses here as it is a great deal cheaper than running in the company in central North London. The prices are lower, and of course, you can purchase property more affordable.


One of the most popular services here in North London is our North London escorts massage services. I saw the benefits of this straight away and went back part-time to college to learn a little more about it. I have to say I found learning anatomy quite hard, but in the end, I did manage to struggle through the course. Now, I do a lot of massages and might fill my day with doing massages. I will do a few more sessions to learn about different techniques, and I believe that would be popular.


I only moved out to North London because land prices were lower. It was kind of hard at first, and I am glad that I found a job at North London escorts. Even though I do own my own house without a mortgage, I was worried about the future. I did figure out how to set up my own little online business, which I look after in my spare time. In the future, I will focus more on that, but at the moment, I’m busy doing massages. My house has a third bedroom, so I’m delighted to say that I might even have a massage studio there in the future.

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