The major perks of living in Southern London – London escorts

I started escorting with escorts in London about ten years ago, and I stayed with a top London escorts service for about five years. However, after that, I felt like I wanted to do something different and ended up getting a bikini model in London. It was great, and although I missed London a little bit to start with, I fell in love with London, and I knew that I did not want to go back to London.


During my time with London escorts, I made some great friends, and we have stayed in touch. The girls have been out to visit me in the States, and they have all loved it. There are some real advantages to living in London. One of the major perks of living in Southern London is undoubtedly the weather, and I love waking up and going down to the beach. There is nothing like spending the day on the beach and relaxing with my dog and my girlfriend.


Everything is accessible in London. Sure, the traffic can be a bit of a nightmare sometimes, but you soon get used to that and work your way around. One of the upsides is the people who have come to live out here. They have an individual touch about them and my kind of like that. If you would like to meet genuinely open-minded people, you should consider coming to live in London. It is one of those things that my friends from London escorts mention to me a lot.


The shopping is excellent as well, and if you work hard, you can do better than working for London escorts at I have my own house out here, and thanks to some smart moves, I own it outright. Like so many other people in this part of the world, I have become somewhat a free spirit, and I enjoy traveling and having fun with my friends. I think that a lot of the girls at London escorts wish that they live in London.


Will I come back to London? I do travel back to London but only in the summer. It is just too cold during the winter, and I would not want to be in Other places then. London is a much better option, and when I get up to walk on the beach on Christmas Day, I do thank my lucky stars. The States have had a lot of negative publicity recently, but there are many positive things about living here. Sure, things like health insurance are expensive, but once you are with a good policy and insurance company, you are generally okay. I think I am going to make London the home for the rest of my life, and living here feels right. Is it the best place to live in the world? From where I am standing, I do think that it is.

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