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Not only can eating at home save us a lot of money, but it can make us healthier at the same time. After I left London escorts, I decided to start my own business making the most out of all of the contacts that I had. If you like, I took my London escorts’ dating diary home with me and thought about different ways that I could make the most of it. I did not want to work as an independent escort in London, but I did know a lot of ways in which way to make the most of it.

Thinking back to London escorts, I soon realized that the vast majority of the gents that I used to date at the escorts agency in London, had complained about not being able to cook for themselves. It is true; most single gents are not very happy to cook for themselves and often end up eating out. The result is often a slightly unhealthy lifestyle, and it may even cause health problems. A lot of my dates were a bit on the heavy side.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I came up with these ideas to cook for the gents that I had met at London escorts. Hopefully, it would make them healthier and save them a little bit of money at the same time. Starting to do a little bit of business planning, I sat up my business in two ways. You could ask me to come home and cook for you, or I could deliver ready meals for you to enjoy your own company. I am very good at cooking, so I began by preparing a menu for my gents. After about a week, I was ready to go having cooked all of the dishes for my gents.

I started to email almost every gent that I had met at London escorts from, and to my surprise, the take-up rate was high. Many of the gents that I used to date were interested in having a meal home delivery service, and within the first week, I ended up delivering out about 50 meals. Another lot of gents decided that they wanted me to cook for them, so that is what I did. Arriving at their homes with a bag of groceries felt strange at first, but it did seem to work out.

Today, I am still cooking for my former London escorts dates. A lot of the food is super healthy, and many of the gents have lost weight. I also love doing dinner party cooking. One of the agents asked me to cook for his dinner party, and that was the start of something new. I loved it, and now I am preparing for a dinner party at least once a week here in London. It is beautiful and has been an excellent way of making the most out of my little Black London escort diary. My business is to expand, and next month, I am adding a party plan service to my box of tricks. What is next? I am not so sure, but I will think of something.

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